Why do dogs chew on leash handles with tactical dog harnesses?

Ever wondered why your dog gets all “chewy” with the leash handle when they’re rocking tactical dog harnesses?


It’s a bit of a puzzle, but let’s dig into the reasons behind this doggy habit.

Chew, Chew, Chew

Dogs are born chewers. It’s like a hobby for them. Puppies, especially, chew everything in sight, including leash handles. Even grown-up dogs may keep at it because, well, it’s just fun.

Boredom and Anxiety

Chewing can be their go-to boredom buster or a stress reliever when they’re decked out in their tactical gear and have nothing to do. Think of it as their version of fidgeting.

Sensory shenanigans

Dogs explore the world with their mouths. It’s like their way of saying, “What’s this thing made of?” The leash handle is right there, so why not give it a chewy test?

Teething Time

Young pups and teething dogs might nibble to soothe their sore gums. It’s like a DIY teething toy, and the leash handle happens to be handy.

Want attention? Chew Away

You know, some smart pups out there have cracked the code that chewing on the leash handle is a surefire way to grab your attention. So, if they’ve got that trick in their playbook, they’re going to keep on chewing to keep you in the game.

Training Time

Sometimes, it boils down to training (or lack thereof). If they never got the memo about not chewing on the leash handle, they’ll just go on doing it.

Tasty Textures

Certain leash materials might feel good on their teeth or even taste appealing. So they keep chewing for that pleasing texture or flavor.

Dental Dilemmas

Sometimes, a dog’s mouth isn’t feeling its best. Chewing on the leash handle might provide momentary relief from dental discomfort.

Stress Buster

In stressful situations or when dealing with separation anxiety, some dogs turn to chewing as a way to cope. The leash handle becomes their comfort object.

Habits Die Hard

Once it becomes a habit, breaking the leash-chewing cycle can be a challenge. They’ve chewed, they like it, and they keep doing it.

Lack of Alternatives

If they don’t have suitable chew toys or other ways to occupy their jaws, the leash handle is the next best thing.


Knowing why your dog chews on the leash handle with their tactical dog harness can help you tackle the issue. Solutions might include offering better chew toys, consistent training, dental care, and addressing any anxiety or boredom they’re facing.

By getting to the root of the matter, your dog can rock their tactical gear without turning the leash handle into a chewy snack. 🐕‍🦺



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