Make a Wooden Hamster Cage Door

Making a door for your wooden hamster cage can be a cool DIY project. It lets you jazz up your cage and make sure your little buddy stays safe.


Here’s how you can do it:

Stuff You’ll Need

A piece of plywood or hardwood (pick one that fits your cage)

A measuring tape

A saw (any kind works, like a jigsaw or handsaw)


Some small but strong hinges


A screwdriver or drill

A latch or hook

Wood glue

Safety goggles and gloves

Measure it up

First things first, measure the hole where you want your door. You want to get the size of your wooden board just right. Measure how wide and tall it needs to be.

Cut the wood

Cut the wood using your measurements from step 1. Use whatever saw you have, and make sure the door fits snugly in the hole.

Smooth it out

After cutting, sand the edges of your wooden board. Get rid of those rough bits and splinters. This is important to keep your hamster safe and make the door look neat.

Stick to the hinges

Place your door where you want it to open, and attach small, strong hinges to one side of the door and the same side of the cage. Make sure the hinges are spaced evenly and lined up. Drill small holes before screwing in the hinges to avoid splitting the wood.

Test the door

Open and close the door a few times to make sure it swings smoothly and fits right. If it doesn’t, make some adjustments to the hinge placement or door size.

Put on a latch or hook

To keep the door locked up tight, put a latch or hook on the side opposite the hinges. Attach it to the door frame or the cage. Make sure it’s easy for you to use but strong enough to keep your hamster from escaping.

Add some wood glue (optional)

If you want to make things extra solid, you can use a bit of wood glue on the edges of the door before attaching the hinges and latch. This will make the bond between the door and the cage even stronger.

Final Checks and Finish

Before you let your hamster back in, double-check that the door opens and closes easily, latches securely, and doesn’t have any sharp bits or screws sticking out that could hurt your pet. Smooth out any rough spots if you need to.


To sum it up, making a wooden door for your hamster cage is a fun DIY project that makes your cage look cooler and keeps your little buddy safe. Just remember to be safe when you’re working with tools and materials. And keep an eye on the door to make sure it stays strong and works well for your furry friend.



Beryl is a regional blog writer. She has been writing for years, and has a passion for the craft. She loves to share her stories with others, and hopes to inspire them to follow their dreams.

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