Hook up the app to your toilet lights

In today’s world of smart homes, getting your toilet lights connected to a nifty app can add some serious bathroom pizzazz.


In this guide, we’ll break down the steps to link your toilet lights to the app, giving you control and the freedom to customize your lighting experience.

Step 1: Get the App

First things first, grab the official app for your toilet lights from the App Store (for iOS) or the Google Play Store (for Android). Make sure you’ve got a smartphone or tablet that plays nice with it.

Step 2: Power Up Your Tech

Now, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is switched on. This is how it’s going to talk to your toilet lights. They need to be on, too, so switch ’em on and let’s roll.

Step 3: Light Them Up

Flip the switch on your toilet lights. Most of them have a pairing mode that kicks in when they’re ready to join forces with the app. If you’re not sure how it works, check the user manual for the lowdown.

Step 4: Launch the app

Pop open the app you just downloaded. It might ask for a few permissions, like access to your location or Bluetooth. Don’t be shy; let it have what it wants for magic to happen.

Step 5: Hunt for Your Lights

Inside the app, there’s usually a spot for finding devices. Hit that button, and let the app hunt down your toilet lights. Once they show up on the screen, tap ’em.

Step 6: Connect the dots

Once you’ve selected your toilet lights, the app will get the ball rolling. Sometimes it’ll ask you to confirm the connection on your phone; just go with the flow and say yes.

Step 7: Make It Yours

Now comes the fun part. You can start personalizing your toilet lights’ settings. Play with the brightness, colors, and lighting effects. If you’re lucky, the app might even offer cool stuff like music sync or preset lighting scenes.

Step 8: Get Creative

Dive into the app’s options for creating your own scenes and schedules. That means you can set up different lighting vibes for different times of day or special occasions. Romantic bath, anyone?

Step 9: Voice Control

If your toilet lights are down with voice control (think Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant), you can make them part of your voice-activated smart home. Just follow the app’s instructions for the voice control hookup.

Step 10: Go Wild

Explore the app’s fancy features, like color cycling or dynamic lighting. Get creative and turn your bathroom into a personal wonderland.

Step 11: When Tech Acts Up

If things go haywire during the connection dance, check out the app’s troubleshooting section or hit up customer support. They’ve got your back.

Step 12: Keep It Fresh

Remember to keep your app updated with the latest and greatest. Updates often fix bugs, make things smoother, and might even add some cool new features.


By following these steps, you can connect your toilet lights to the app with ease. Now you’ve got the power to tweak your bathroom lighting with a few taps on your smartphone. Get ready to set the perfect vibe for any bathroom occasion!



Beryl is a regional blog writer. She has been writing for years, and has a passion for the craft. She loves to share her stories with others, and hopes to inspire them to follow their dreams.

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