From Mods to Pods: The Evolution of Vaping Devices

Mods and Pods: sounds almost the same with only one letter difference, but the reality behind the concept is different, like night and day. The evolution of vaping devices will be thoroughly explained in this reading. Stay tuned to learn more about vaping and see how vaping devices have changed the way of today’s vaping.

The Noticeable Difference

The vape pods kit is far from perfect. The device might be the latest upgrade to what is known to be vape mods, but pods made a few sacrifices that can be their drawbacks. One, in particular, is the power draw. Pods cannot be as powerful as regular vape mods, most notably mechanical ones. Vape mods have a way higher battery capacity capable of sustaining continuous vaping on a higher wattage. Most vape mods run with 1 or two 18650 batteries with a capacity of 2400-3600mah per battery. Some mods even have 4 or 5 batteries in one go. This issue might be a clear sign of pods losing against mods, or is it? Vape pods have a lower battery capacity to give way to a smaller, much more compact design. Still, the built-in recharging feature is more efficient and reliable than vape mods. Most pods, if not all, have a USB Type-C charging technology that provides lightning-speed charging that only takes a few minutes to be fully charged, with the need to procure an external charger for removable batteries, unlike vape mods. Let’s be real here: most vapers never charged their 18650 batteries straight from the mod itself, making the mod’s USB charging port a useless adornment. Various reasons involve charging the removable batteries through the vape mod itself being very slow or the charging port is filled with grime and residue because of e-liquid leakage. Vape pods may lose in the race of endurance regarding battery capacity. Still, they can get back on track faster than a vape mod possibly could.

A Better Vaping Experience with E-liquids

Even before vape pods existed, a long rivalry between the two vape mods, the mechanical and variable mods, battled over which device could give a better flavor experience when vaping. Surprisingly, the vapers finally found the answer but not between the two vape mods but with vape pods instead. Compared with a variable vape mod, a vape pod coil delivers a far better flavor taste on e-liquid effortlessly. The variable mod needs to have a lot of things to consider before it can bring out the full-rounded flavor of an e-liquid. Things like the proper type of coil, the right coil resistance, the correct wattage settings, the appropriate atomizer, and the right cotton brand. While the vape pod, on the other hand, only needs to be puffed, and that’s it. The introduction and success of salt nic-based e-liquids on the vaping market further enhanced the advantage of vape pods over vape mods in the battle of flavor taste. Salt nic-based is usable on variable and mechanical mods. Still, the vaping quality experience is much more suitable on vape pods. Especially today, most salt nic-based e-liquids have a label saying they would work best when used on a vape pod. The right amount of power draw is the sweet spot all vapers have been searching for a long time to deliver a better vaping experience and better taste in e-liquids found in vape pods.


Without vape mods, vape pods will never exist, and that’s the reality for vaping devices. Vape mods are the stepping stones for vape pods to have the right kind of features to include and not. Now, vaping is more appealing, convenient, efficient, and beneficial thanks to the positive learning and mistakes from vape mods that gave way to the birth of a better vaping device called vape pods.



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